Steve Fretzin

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Our Mantra Relating to Business Development: “Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice”

Change the way you look at Marketing and business development. Forever.

Too often, people hope for new business to fall out of the sky – that if you simply take a lot of coffee meetings, attend a lot of networking events and make a lot of referrals (without getting many in return), the universe will align for you.

I’m here to tell you that it takes more than that.
I know because I tried that approach for years without much success.

Instead, I found a way to unleash my
full potential to dramatically grow new business…

In less than one year.

It’s not a gimmick or get-rich-quick scheme. It’s going to take a commitment to making real change that’s as much about your mindset as anything. But those who have made that commitment to working with me, especially those in professional services: Attorneys, bankers, accountants, insurance professionals and information technology specialists have not only realized their goals, they’ve increased their income significantly and found their real passion along the way.

Through a program I’ve taken years to develop, you’ll be able to find business development as something that you look forward to doing. I can’t wait to help you find that realization. If you’re with me so far, take the free evaluation or watch some of our program videos on the videos page.

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