Steve Fretzin

Call: 312-981-0119
"In working with Steve, I more than tripled my volume of legal business and had one of my most profitable years in over 25 years of practicing law." Neville Reid, Partner at Fox, Swibel, Levin & Carroll, LLP

We’ve helped hundreds of attorneys to dramatically grow their books of business.

Too often, attorneys hope for new business to fall out of the sky – that if you simply take a lot of coffee meetings or play a lot of golf, the universe will align for you.

Steve Fretzin specializes in coaching attorneys to develop a solid lead generation strategy, refined and relevant client acquisition processes, and a clear way to improve business development performance to make client acquisition sustainable over an entire career.

Call Steve at (312) 981-0119 for a Free Consultation and to receive a complimentary copy of his book, “Sales Free Selling,” or use the form below to send a message:

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